The new year begins😳


Images of the exhibition and studies for crowds .

We took down our exhibition at the amazing Ace Arts gallery in Somerton

on jan.3rd .Now the challenges begin .!!!

I have challenged myself to a face a day for the year ,it is day 7 ,so far so good 😊

only 358 drawings to go ,easy ……

Since working on my singing paintings I have started to think about groups ,or even

crowds as a starting point .see how it goes . Kay


Ending 2016


as 2016 ends with all the madness and the tragedies I have kept on painting and drawing and showing and exhibiting and sometimes wondering why !

Here are a few reminders ,colour in dark spaces ,lightness in despair …….



Exhibition at AceARTS

Singers  by Kay Lewis-Bell

Shave Farm Five Artists

gentle reminder!    2nd to 24. December

monday-Saturday 10-5.       Sunday 11-4.       PV december2nd.   6-9pm

Market Place. Somerton, Somerset TA 11 7NB

see you soon ,Kay +Annie,Lin,Terri and Rowena


Still painting!

getting ready for “Shave Farm Five Artists”

At Ace Arts  PV Friday 2nd December 6-9pm

Market Place ,Somerton  !

who?       Me ,with Terri Hogan ,Annie Fry ,Lin Hawkins and Rowena Pearce !

Hope to see you’ll ,bring your friends and share ,thank you ,from Kay

Work in Progress(singers)

Date for your diary!        Ace arts welcomes  “Shave Farm Five Artists”

to Somerton 2nd to 24th December ! Private View 2nd.Dec.     More details to follow!

I am working on singers ,plus prints and cards ,busy time !

Lin ,Terri ,Annie and Rowena will be there, of course ,with me .

Kay 🤓

More faces


More singers in black ink ,I have started to think about the paintings……but

get distracted…… easily!

Just caught the end of Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition at Tate Modern .surprisingly

I was really taken by her  “Late Abstractions and Skyscapes” They were very fresh

and had a lyrical quality ,she put it better

“it is breathtaking as one rises up over the world one has been living in

…………… like some marvellous rug patterns of maybe “Abstract Paintings” ”

So by drawing in black ink ,it makes me realise how much I love colour ! Kay

The Bride

img_2403The finished painting.I hope they like it ! We do ! just waiting for it to dry .

Finishing a painting challenges self control .That is why I hang them in the house

away from paint ,brushes and self doubt …………..